Philly First Ward Democrats

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We’ve made our endorsements as a ward for the upcoming Municipal Primary! Read our May 2019 Voter Guide to see who we've endorsed for the May 21st primary election--and why.

What is a ward?

Philadelphia is divided into 66 wards, each of which is divided into from 11 to 51 voting divisions – 1,686 in all. Two Democratic committee people in each division are elected directly by Democratic voters there. Together, the Democratic committee people elected in the ward make up the ward "executive committee," and select the ward leader and other officers. The core responsibility of wards is to turn out voters and make sure politicians are serving ward residents.

Vacancy Alert

The First Ward has two vacancies right now: one in Division 4, and one in Division 12. If you are interested in filling one of these roles, please reach out.



Dates of interest

●  Tuesday May 21, 2019: Municipal Primary Election Day