Committee People

Committee people are the most local representatives, serving their surrounding blocks, which are grouped into small units or voting divisions. Committee people are party positions, and are elected every four years in the primary election. Each major party (Democrat and Republican) elects two committee people per division.

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Vacancy Alert

The First Ward has four vacancies right now: one in Division 4, Division 7, Division 12, and Division 14. If you are interested in filling one of these roles, please reach out.


Who represents you?

Find your committee people below. Your division is listed on your voter ID card. You can look it up here. Committee of Seventy has maps of the full ward and specific maps of divisions.


Division 01

Natasha Cahill
1438 S 9th St

Andrew Panebianco
1004 Cross St

Division 02

Sula Kritkos
930 Cross St

Malcolm "Doug" O'Malley
925 Tasker Street‬

Division 03

Kathleen Melville
920 Wharton St

Stephon Petro
920 Wharton St

Division 04

Christa Menichini
1813 S Adler St


Division 05

Claudia Setubal
611 Mifflin St

Julie Quinones
707 Mifflin St

Division 06

Brandon Detwiler
422 Watkins St

Helen Ly
436 Moore St


Division 07

Courtney Bieberfeld
535 Pierce St

Matt Borda
535 Pierce St

Division 08

Michelle Cryder
702 Pierce St

Renee Ruth
718 Mountain St


Division 09

Caleb Delp
828 Fernon St

Douglas Wong
1508 S 8th St

Division 10

Erin O'Brien Garcia
707 Dickinson St

Leigh Goldenberg
1411 S Franklin St

Division 11

Dana Pavlichko
1514 S Camac St

Beth Goldstein-Huxen
1519 S Juniper St

Division 12

Donna Douglas
617 Tasker St


Division 13

Michael Chau
1333 S 5th St

Ted Savage
1502 S 5th Street

Division 14

Adams Rackes
1612 S Lawrence St

Matt Scheller
1643 S Lawrence St

Division 15

May Boland
1526 E Moyamensing Ave

Sam Arnold
335 Dickinson St

Division 16

Emiliano Rodriguez
628 Wharton St

Frank Fral
1335 S Fairhill St


Division 17

Dominic Savini
309 Earp St

Anthony Barbera
440 Wharton St

Division 18

Jack Van Skiver
121 McClellan St

Thomas Lehnau
131 Moore St

Division 19

Susan Reilly
1442 S 2nd St

Keith Olkowski
243 Greenwich St

Division 20

Thomas Rumbaugh
1306 S 13th St

Robert D'Emilio
1314 Reed St


Division 21

Laura Kreschollek Jr.
210 Moore St

Laura Kreshollek Sr.
210 Moore St




Ward Leader
Adams Rackes

Ward Chair
Kathleen Melville

First Vice Chair
Emiliano Rodgriguez

Second Vice Chair
Natasha Cahill

Third Vice Chair
Steve Petro

Dana Pavlichko

Assistant Secretary
Caleb Delp

Claudia Setubal

Assistant Treasurer
Sam Arnold



Sub-committee leadership

Voter Engagement
Point people: Steve Petro, Sula Kritikos

Constituent Services
Point person: Natasha Cahill

Point person: Courtney Bieberfeld

Point person: Adams Rackes